Audio Hire

Sennheiser EW300 G4.png

Sennheiser EW300 RF Kit

Your choice of transmitter. Supplied in either single transmitters or in racks of 4-way or 8-way. Belt packs are supplied with ME2 capsules by default

Weekly: £75.00

Shure SM57.jpg

Shure SM57

The pedigree goes right back to 1937. This microphone has been used as a standard instrument mic for years and, can also be used as a vocal mic too. 

Weekly: £12.00

AKG SE300B w: CK91.jpg

AKG SE300B w/ CK93

Better known as a small diaphragm condenser or "pencil mic". Normally found on High-Hats or higher frequency percussion instruments.

Optional CK98 capsule available. Ask for details.

Weekly: £24.00

Shure SM58.jpg

Shure SM58

The industry standard vocal microphone for 50 years. 

Weekly: £12.00

Sennheiser E609.jpeg

Sennheiser E609

The small profile design is great for use on Guitar Cabs. And, well... Looks cool!

Weekly: £10.00

AKG C3000.jpg

AKG C3000

A large diaphragm condenser, this sits comfortably in its natural environment as a drum kit or choir over-head microphone. 

Weekly: £10.00

Sennheiser E835.jpg

Sennheiser E835

Another dynamic cardioid mic, perfect for lead female vocals. 

Weekly: £8.00

Sennheiser E604.jpg

Sennheiser E604

Perfect for use on percussion. Normally used on Tom-Tom drums

Weekly: £12.00

BSS AR133.jpg

BSS AR-133

The industry standard DI box. Rigged and well built.

Weekly: £12.00

Shure B87A.jpg

Shure Beta 87A

For something extra special, you have the Supercardioid condenser. Another great example for female vocals. 

Weekly: £15.00

Sennheiser E602.jpg

Sennheiser E602

Best for use on low frequency percussion, such as Kick Drums. 

Weekly: £10.00

Behinrger Ultra-DI.jpg

Behringer Ultra-DI

A similar design to that of the BSS, widely used across the world as an economy DI box. 

Weekly: £6.00

Behringer XR12.png

Behringer XR12

Compact and really useful. 12CH rack mounted digital audio "console". Supplied with an iPad for control

Weekly: £75.00

Behringer X32.jpg

Behringer X32

32CH digital Audio console. Can be supplied with S16 stage boxes. Please ask for details & quote.

Weekly: £175.00

A&H QU24.jpg

Allen & Heath QU32

24CH digital audio console. Can be supplied with 16 or 24CH digital stage boxes. 

Weekly: £225.00

Yamaha QL1.jpg

Yamaha QL1

Another 32CH digital audio console, supplied with 32:16 Rio stage box & twin 100m TourCAT drum. 

Weekly: £780.00

Yamaha M7CL.jpg

Yamaha M7CL

Supplied as either 48+8:16 analogue headlamps by default, or via a digital ES stage head - Please ask for details. 

Weekly: £450.00

Alto TS212.png

Alto TS212

1100W 12" 2-way active speaker. Perfect for private parties. Comes with or without Bluetooth connectivity. 

Weekly: £25.00

Achat Rock & Roll Bundle.png

4KW Point Source PA system

4 x 18"Subs & 2 x 12" Tops Plus amp rack with 32A 1Ø EMO power rack.

Weekly: £500.00

DBTec DVA LineArray.png

DBTechnologies DVA Line Array

We stock various amounts of the DVB boxes, and we build systems based on your specification. Please send us an email for a quote. 

Weekly: £POA